Welcome to Demented. Are you one of us?


Welcome to Demented.  It’s a place to discuss what happens when you become your parents’ parent.

We’re a group of colleagues (who mostly met at NPR) who’ve all become a primary caregiver for one or more of our parents, a lot sooner than we expected.

So we’re building this site and this podcast because we need a place to vent, to laugh, and to learn how to navigate this strange new passage in life.  And to feel less alone.

We want to know what you want to hear.  And what you can teach us.

We promise:  no mushy talk about “the caregiver journey.”   We’re known to swear.   We want to build something useful for people like us; something that will make this easier.

A word about our title.  “Dementia” is the term for a group of symptoms that make cognition more difficult.  That’s kind of how we feel.  We’ve almost lost our minds handling these strange new responsibilities.   We are the Demented ones.

Time’s up.  One of our parents just lost his car in a downtown parking garage, so we have to go retrace some steps and find it.  Send a word of what you could use from this space

PS:   The picture up at the top?  That’s the default image from the webmaster.  We kind of like it because everything feels a little fuzzy and unrecognizable in the Demented world. Plus, we’re too busy to go look for stock images right now.   Talk soon.

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