Mother’s Little Helper

So one of your new job descriptions is:  Pharmacist!

One of Our Elders takes 16 pills daily … and that is on the low end.

We sort them weekly, in a plastic Pill Minder,

But sometimes she forgets to take the Morning ones, or runs out of one kind, or the doctor changes the dosage.  Or, better yet, she decides she’s REALLY, ALREADY taking one for the same thing, so she decides to skip the pink ones.

So it’s back to CVS, or another call to the doctor, or we dump them all out on the dining room table and sort out which is which again, and restock for the rest of the week.

We have hundreds of CVS coupons because we spend so much time there.  Do you need some toothpaste while we’re out?  We have another two-for-one deal.

Let us know how you manage the meds.  Seriously, we’re getting confused.



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Little Helper

  1. I’m just dealing with just day and night meds and managing so far. I think a pill alarm would send someone over the edge. And yes, having it in other’s hands is scary but I found they were really, really on top of things at asstd. living. Fortunately. Because when I saw what they had to manage – every resident’s complicated pill regimen, multiple times a day, with many serious conditions, I realized how much work it is to care for a group of people medically and why it costs so much.


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