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Maybe it shouldn’t be surprising when Your Elder seems really flat.  So much has changed in two years.  His memory really acting up.  He’s not working anymore and many of his friends are gone.  As is his wife.

But I didn’t know depression can also have a connection to small strokes …  which I am told My Elder may have experienced.   It’s hard to let someone you love suffer when it seems like something – medication, talking, a ballgame – could help.  These things haven’t done the trick, exactly, so a special consult is in order.

How do you help someone who has good reason to feel bad … when they used to be able to snap back?  It is crushing to watch them hurt.   And then I feel useless.

What lifts up your Elder’s spirits?  Your own?  They keep saying put your oxygen mask on first.  What nice scent should we add to the oxygen?

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