Demented – the Podcast!

Demented copy

Hey friends!  We’re almost there – launching “Demented:  The Podcast” mid-July, a podcast for all of us taking care of our Elders.

What’s in it for me, you ask?  EVERYTHING!  This podcast needs your input.  I know what’s hard for me to get done, as a caregiver.  But there are million other stories, solutions, experiences that you can share … and maybe I can find some experts to help us with.  So – go to the top of this blog and you’ll see a “contact” button.  Send an email!  Ask a question!  Share a gripe or a solution!  Tell a friend and leave a review.   I’ll be posting a lot more on this site (guess who hasn’t figured out how to change domain names yet … stick around).  Plus – the back catalogue – things I’ve written about that were a bit too tender to post at the moment.

Seriously – let me know what you need to know, what you’d listen to, what would make me laugh about what we’re all going through.  And I’ll be posting more, right here.  Have a great weekend!






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