Looks Like Urine a Bad Mood …

"Voute_sous_la_Chute_du_Niagara_-_Niagara_Falls"_by_Jacques-Hippolyte_van_der_Burch(Niagara Falls from the American Side, Frederic Edwin Church.  Courtesy of Albright-Knox Museum)

It’s not fun to talk about but it’s everywhere.   Waterfalls of it.  Oceans, really.

You know what we’re talking about.   It seems to get everywhere but you don’t realize that till later, when floors are sticky and something smells … off.

You reach for the stuff you use for pet stains but to little avail.  If you took one of those blue-light things you’d discover ancient stains you don’t want to know are there.  It’s Sisyphean, this task of keeping things clean and smelling good.  No one involved wants it otherwise; it just takes a lot of work.  And it feels cruel to disclose this.  But it would have been useful to know in advance that those ads with the little copper tube guys?  Like pipes? Are meant for your Elder.

Screen Shot 2018-12-23 at 10.47.21 PM

One of our friends, in a bid to calm her mother, explained that the little absorbent garments she had to wear, with the bow in the front?

Were Travel Panties.

I think that’s brilliant.



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